How Can I Get My Dogs to Mate?

There are a myriad of objectives to cover when aspiring to get dogs or any other pet for that matter, to mate. Foremost, one needs patience and a sense of timing; practice never hurts either. Breeding is a skill that needs to be learned and it does not come easy. Hence, professional dog breeders are few and far between.

Is My Dog in Heat?

Males rely on the female to mate; the trick is, knowing when the female is in heat. Typically, they are in heat twice a year; each instance lasting about a month or so. Some physical indications would be bleeding from, and licking of, the animal’s reproductive organs. Next is when the event actually occurs. Introduce the male and female once a day; if the girl is receptive, she will allow the male to mount her with no altercations. To ensure conception, mate the dogs on a daily basis.

There will be times when the male refuses to mount even though the receptor is in heat. The problem possibly lies in the stance of the mother. If this is the case, a little intervention is needed. Cradle the female’s head with one arm while supporting the body with your other arm. Have another person move the tail out of the way. If the male sees her stance to be correct, he will eventually mount her.

Mating can go as short as 5 minutes or as long as 20 minutes. Have patience, as forcing the two dogs apart can injure them both. There will also be times when the girl needs to be held still because of her tendency to fidget and break away from the coupling. This too can cause serious injuries. Natural is, like with many other canine practices, the best way; forcing any sort of mating can result in unwanted behaviors of the pups and parents. Although breeding can be highly profitable, it is best to do so with good intent; dogs know our expectations and will often act accordingly.

Is It Safe to Give My Pet Bones from the Table?

Facts About Dog Bones

The fact is, dogs did not evolve to eat bones exclusively. Wild dogs, from Africa, do occasionally eat bone but meat is still the main part of their diet. Trace amounts may be ingested during meals but that can’t be helped, it is the wilds of Africa after all.

Recent Veterinary Medicine studies have also shown numerous adverse effects of feedingDog Bone bones to a pet. Many animals have seen surgery due to bone splinters damaging their intestines and stomach. This  can be very expensive for an owner and possibly life threatening for the victim.

Animal rights have improved dramatically over the years. So much that proper nutrition  is a must for owners everywhere. Serious masters believe dogs should get nothing less but the best; thus, giving them bones is nothing short of criminal. They compare it to giving their own kids a bone to chew.

Different breeds have different tolerances to bones. Just like people, not all types of food agree with just anyone’s stomach. Some pooches readily eat bones and are grateful to do so, while others have a sensitivity to the issue and may throw up. The debate on whether it is okay to give bones to a pet is ongoing. The final decision, will always be debatable. Hey, if the they like bones and are not exhibiting any side effects from eating them, give it to ‘em. If you disagree, do not: it’s up to you, the owner.Chihuahua with Bone

Proper Pet Protocol

After a long day at work, nothing is nicer than being met by a wagging tail at the door: dogs sure do have their way of making people feel loved and needed. Have you ever noticed your pets acting more affectionate when you’re sick or when something bad has happened? Just as our companions give us endless affection, we have the responsibility to keep them from getting sick and making sure they stay healthy. Therefore, we have provided some ways to keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy.

Get Moving

This tip is helpful in keeping both you and your pet in top shape. Snuggling on the sofa or lying down on the bed while watching television may be a quiet way for you and your bud to bond. Moving on, make an effort to make exercise with your furry friend as part of your daily routine; this will be a beneficial addendum for you both. If that sounds cumbersome, try going for a walk around the block after dinner every night instead. Either of the aforementioned are great measures to keep your pet healthy and arthritis free.

Proper Diet

Just because he would eat it, doesn’t mean it’s good for him. You are the only judge when it comes to what is best for your pooch’s diet. Like humans, they must also eat balanced meals to avoid malnutrition and obesity. There should be a proper amount of protein, vegetables, and grain in a animal’s diet. The food that you choose must provide all these aspects for your bud to stay healthy and resistant to disease. Puppies should get proper nourishment in order to grow accordingly.

Vet Visits

Just as we have to go to the doctor, there is nothing more important than visiting the veterinarian regularly for nutrition tips and vaccinations. A trip to the vet once a year is a good idea, even if they don’t exhibit any symptoms. Although grooming may seem like a luxury nowadays, it is vital in order to keep their coat healthy and Mange Free. Have your pet’s nails trimmed, their fur maintained, and their teeth checked. Such actions are a good way to relieve you of regular cleaning duties, while making your pup feel pampered.

Show affection

The key to your animal living a healthy life is to give them your time, as we can be easily distracted by work or other affairs. Make it a point to show your pet that you appreciate it by giving them your whole, undivided attention even if its just minutes a day.

Treating Canine Skin Disease

How to Treat Your Dog’s Skin Condition

As a the guardian of a pet, one of the biggest challenges you may ever face is how to treat your dog when you suspect they have a disease. You may already be aware of how expensive veterinarian treatment can be. If their disease doesn’t seem to be life threatening, you could take it upon yourself to find and administer the proper treatment. First, there are a few things you should take into consideration to prevent any complications and increase your chances for success.

Identify Your Pet’s Ailment

Before you can get the right medications, you need to know what is going on with your pup. This means you need to closely observe his current behavior and mannerisms. Are they bleeding or do they have any unusual body fluid leakage? Are they scratching all of the time? Are they in pain? Are they agitated? Is there a lack of appetite? Are they shedding more than usual? These are a few instances where you need to be on the lookout. Sometimes, you may not be able to readily identify these prevalent signs right away.

Once you have made a list of your bud’s symptoms, it is time for you to do a little research; search online on reputable websites for information to steer you in the right direction. Go to your local library and check out books that provide information on ailments that affect canines. Talk to your veterinarian or some other professional health provider, let them check and confirm what the disease is. Once you have a proper diagnosis, you can strive to alleviate all troublesome issues plaguing your companion.

Treating Dog Skin Rash

Mange and other dermal manifestations can leave your pet with red, irritated bald patches. They can also wreck havoc in your home, since shedding can aggravate allergies and cause respiratory problems in your household. It is important for your dog to have a healthy coat of fur; not only does the coat protect their skin from environmental irritants, it also helps to regulate their body temperature. Without it, they would have trouble staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Keep in mind that there is a mild phase and an acute phase for most canine skin conditions. Mild phases are those in which some minor irritations result in occasional nipping and scratching. In more severe cases of Mange, your pet scratches and bites themselves in a continuous manner in an effort to relieve anxiety. This excessive gnawing can lead to the development of painful sores and blisters, adding to your canine’s discomfort. Instead of looking for creams, steroids and medications which can cause unwanted side effects; you should use a natural form of treatment.

Organic Dog shampoo with SKINPLex Enzymes

If your canine has been diagnosed with some type of mite, the best way to treat it is by using an organic dog shampoo and enzyme system. There are tons of products available that promise itch relief shed prevention, all while providing your dog with a beautiful coat of fur; however you can’t believe everything you read. When it comes to your canine’s comfort and health, you can’t afford to use something unreliable.

SkinPlex PLUS is a combination of Vegetarian Enzymes and Omega-3 Fatty Acids that work on the inside and outside to cure your epidermal afflictions. It comes in a spray that is to be applied topically and in a powder that can be put into your pet’s food. RenuPlex Oatmeal Shampoo is a great and inexpensive organic medicated shampoo that can get rid of mange that is causing this condition. When used together, you have the best treatment that money can buy. You don’t have to wait long to see results and the treatment is very easy to administer.

Difference in Bathing Small and Large Dogs

Small Dog Getting a Bath Being a pet owner can be a fun and rewarding endeavor, but there are definitely some chores involved. Figuring out the right way to bathe your animal is one of the hardships most owners dread. There are some basic tips that can help make this experience if not enjoyable, at least tolerable to everyone involved. One step is to make sure you have the right products on hand. Next, is the dog is big or small? Size will determine if bathing will be undergone indoors or out.

Before submersing the pooch, you may want to apply a muzzle to avoid their sharp teeth. In accordance, It is very important not to use human shampoo as it can irritate or dry out canine coats. As a master, you will have to supply specific shampoo and warm water. Have a towel on-hand for adequate drying, please avoid blow dryers at all cost. Treats or favored toys are also important to incorporate in this activity for total comfort.
Large Dog Drying OffBath time differs depending on the stature of your breed; smaller pups take less time, water, man-power, product, and tact. The latter spectrum, demands attention, multiple people, vast amounts of shampoo and wash, and a specific amount of respect from the owner. Indoor events can be undertaken in tubs, sinks, or showers. Outdoor paradigms can simply be done in a driver way, or canine-influenced plastic shower tents. One down fall of outdoor endeavors is the animal can easily run away. This is an especially bad problem because collars need to be removed prior to cleaning. Another downside of is trying to calm your pooch for wash time in the winter months, good luck.

Researching all these dilemmas before your experience them will make you a better guardian and further the relationship between you and you pal.

Weimaraner, Small Dog Arthritis

Does My Weimaraner Have Inflamed Joints?

The Weimaraner is a wonderful breed suitable for all purposes; they are great for hunting, especially small game and water fowl, due to their webbed toes and stamina. They are also an excellent family companion, due to their ability to guard the home, their love of children, and their inbred need to be around people. As an energetic species, they require lots of exercise and room to run in order to keep themselves in optimal health. Weimaraner’s require energy-control training, but good training doesn’t mean that their exercise should be neglected. Making sure this breed receives plenty of activity and is not over fed, will ensure that they don’t develop serious health issues later on such as gastric torsion (bloat), diabetes, and excessive weight gain. These issues can lead to the animal becoming overweight and developing arthritis which will lead to stiffness and could cause him to become immobile.

My Weimaraner Will Not Play With MeThe rise in canine obesity is one of the main causes of inflammation issues in pets today. Contributing to the problem is overfeeding due to improper portion control, lack of activity, and neglect by owners. If you believe that your pup has or is developing arthritis, there are a few signs and symptoms that you can look out for. These include: your dog seeming to be favoring a particular leg, decreased mobility and trouble sitting, weight gain and becoming overweight, inability to run, jump, or climb, decreased activity, and little or no interest in play in a once active pooch. If you notice any of these signs, a trip to your vet is in order to rule out or take care of any health issues your dog may have. The vet will do a general exam and check the spine, limbs, and neck for any signs of deterioration as well as flexibility checks for range of motion. If the vet determines he has said condition, medications and exercise can be prescribed that will help return their once normal life.

Comfortable Dog Clothes

Should I Put Clothes on My Pet?

Dog owners love their furry friends and take measures to ensure their maximum comfort. A growing number of people are choosing to implement the use of comfortable clothes to increase their lovable pal’s quality of life. For starters, the use of proper attire helps establish individuality; whether the dog is fierce, sassy, or just plain silly. Dawning an outfit that corresponds to their attitude is an easy way for them to stand out. Many savvy owners are making an investment in designer couture, keeping up with the latest fashion. Whether you choose the cheap or expensive paradigm, shopping for canine clothes can be fun.

Often, breeds enjoy emulating the behavior of their owner. When the owner sits down, as Dog Tuxedo Groom Costumewill he. These types of pooches are perfect candidates for dress up, as they normally enjoy mimicking an action taken daily by their master. In some cases, future bride and grooms like to dress their pets respectively, including them in the ceremony.

The winter months can be overbearing, when temperatures drop to a certain level many breeds are actually put in danger. In such circumstances, it is often wise to dress him in a sweater or jacket.

Pup dresses are a fun and stylish way to pretty up a female; from floral and butterfly prints to tutus and ballet dresses, nothing is cuter than a little puppy in a dress. For males, there are even jeans that can complete his wardrobe. Those new to dressing up their playmates wonder if they will collaborate.If this is the case, the purchase was not made in vain; many puppies will be more than happy to instead, use the outfit as a chew toy.

Ballerina Puppy Costume

Dog Nudity and Costumes

On certain holidays, costumes are appropriate; in essence, adding to the festivities and cheer. For Halloween, a popular costume is a hot dog bun. A variety of unique options can be found at pet stores or on the Internet.

There is a growing campaign with many avid followers to stop dog nudity. Many animal lovers feel that failing to dress one’s friend is shameful. Apparently, they concur animals have a right to cover themselves up, and they are beginning to develop a large number of like-minded followers.

Reasons to Buy Organic Pet Shampoo

Rid Your Pets of Sensitive Skin

Pets are a wonderful addition to our lives. They love us unconditionally, become our faithful companions, and can make us smile when no one else can. For these reasons, they deserve the best that we can provide.

Knowing what is in your dog’s shampoo is important because it affects the health of your companion’s skin and coat. Harsh chemicals can disrupt the natural production of oils that keep fur nourished. If these neutralities are out of balance, then your pet can develop sensitive skin.

Irritable coat can cause all kinds of problems for your loved one, making him itch uncontrollably. In most cases, the owner thinks the dog has fleas, sparking the use of harsh flea treatment on the epidermis. In return, the vulnerable skin becomes even more inflamed. In severe cases, some have scratched so much that they have developed sores.

One of the best shampoos you can use to prevent such an episode, is organic pet shampoo.You must make sure that the ingredients are in fact natural; there are many companies that simply falsify the label. It is usually best if you can read the ingredients and see things that you know.

Balanced pH For Your Dog’s Coat

Most of the organic merchandise is also are going to be pH balanced. The reason this is important is it adds sheen and body to pet hair. A balanced pH can help keep canine skin from becoming arid. The closer to a pH of 7, the more the product resembles the natural structure of water. Pure water does not cause harm to you or your friend; furthermore, many people are sensitive to dog wash, not in the case of an organic formulation.

Being environmentally friendly, these types of cleaners can break down easily. Harsh chemicals can cause ground and water contamination. Such contaminates are hard to cleanse and can take hundreds of years to completely be removed.

Another great benefit of going organic are most companies take the time to make their products naturally and cruelty free. To be cruelty free, a manufacturer cannot test their products on lab animals; animal lovers find this comforting.

So if you are concerned about the well being of animals, make sure to use an organic shampoo that is pH balanced. Your canine pal will thank you and you will be making the best choice in protecting your furry friend; this process is made simple at

Treating Dog Pimples and Impetigo

Does My Dog Have Impetigo?

How healthy is your animal? Have you noticed him scratching, licking or biting himself? Does he also shed a lot? Many pet owners think this is perfectly normal. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Veterinarians say skin problems are the number one health problem they see in their patients. We should pay close attention to all skin and hair problems, before we dismiss them as merely “normal” scratching.

It’s important to do this because we can tell what a canines’s overall health is by the condition of his skin and hair. We can see his “insides” by looking at his “outside”. Fortunately for us, skin and hair problems are very obvious, easy to see and usually easy to treat.

Examine his belly and groin area to see if there are any red bumps, pimples or crusty scabs there. If there are, it could be impetigo. That’s right, the same thing human babies get! Don’t worry too much, though. It’s very common in puppies, although adults can get it, too. It can also cause excessive shedding, even hair loss. Impetigo is one of several problems categorized as superficial pyoderma. It’s a bacterial infection of the skin and parts of the hair follicle near the surface. Normal bacteria are always there. But when the skin and hair follicle are weakened and unhealthy, the bacteria enter the pore. This causes a white pimple to form, which then becomes filled with fluid. That’s the first stage of the infection. Next, pus accumulates, and finally the pimples rupture and leave thin, itchy brown crusts. Scratching or biting spreads the bacteria. During this stage, others can get infected, so it’s wise to keep Fido isolated. Also, you can keep him from licking or biting this area by using a special collar.

Red, Itchy, Canine SoresProblems like these need a two-pronged approach. First, ask yourself “Why does my dog have this problem? What’s the root cause?”. Remember, problems on the outside are a symptom of something wrong inside. We can consider a couple different factors that affect our companion’s overall health. One thing to look at is his DIET. Most experts agree that moist food is best. Dry food is the worst diet for maintaining health. For one thing, it doesn’t provide enough moisture to keep the skin healthy. Also, it’s been found that most pups (about 90%) have a zinc deficiency. Zinc is essential for healthy skin. So fortify your friend from the inside out by providing a good diet. Another internal factor may be PARASITES. Parasites (worms and others) are most attracted to breeds with poor overall health and can further debilitate him.

But let’s get back to the surface problem: What can we do to relieve his discomfort immediately? Topical treatments can kill the bacteria and speed up the healing process. It’s important to keep the area with the rash clean. You can use hydrogen peroxide or an antibiotic ointment. This will help it to heal faster.

Best Dog Acne Products

In a puppy, this will usually clear up in a few days. If he is older, or the infection has gone beyond the first stage, then bathe him with a benzoyl peroxide shampoo twice every day. Do this for 2 – 3 weeks. Make certain the shampoo doesn’t get into his ears, eyes, nose or mouth. And keep that no-bite collar on so he doesn’t spread the infection.

You can take three steps that will fortify him against this bacterial invasion happening again. Many veterinarians and satisfied dog owners recommend a group of products called ShedPlex, because that’s exactly what these products will help to do.

1) Bathe them regularly with ShedPlex Shampoo. This is a very soothing wash that will get rid of any skin irritation, build up and strengthen hair follicles and roots and eliminate bacteria growth!

2) After washing, use ShedPlex Conditioner. It’s a leave-in spray conditioner that actually treats and heals your pooch’s skin in between baths.

3) ShedPlex Enzymes and Nutrients can easily be sprinkled on your animal’s food. It provides protein and nutrients that they need to repair damaged hair and oil glands. This product has a zinc complex in it to build strong healthy fur that can ward off future problems. It also contains minerals that allow him to fully absorb the nutrients in his food. Lack of digestive enzymes can cause hair loss and excessive shedding.

This is the best defense you can give your buddy; so make him happy and make yourself content with these products. They’ll even help prevent shedding!

What is A Dog Skin Rash

A skin rash on a dog can make them miserable. Excessive scratching and biting can make it to bleed and Red, Irritated, Dog Skineven cause an infection. These can occur for different reasons. At a first glance, it may just be red, flakey, and slightly swollen. A rash can show up fairly quickly from a few minutes to within a few hours. Some additional symtoms that are associated include itchy skin, excessive scratching, thinning hair, blisters, reoccurring ear infections, hot spots, and frequent bowel movements.

What Causes a Canine Rash?

An abrasion can be caused by a number of things such as allergies from the environment of food, or it could also be hereditary. Some breeds are more allergy prone than others. Parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice, and worms can also cause skin irritations. Some bacterias can also effect a the skin and compromise the immune system. Canines can also experience drug allergies if he is on medication for another ailment. If you this is true, contact your physician to see if the prescription should be stopped for a few days or if another measure should be taken.

Some natural remedies include finding quick relief from the itchiness. Once relief occurs, he can stop scratching and give the rash time to heal. Other solutions include aloe vera gel, oatmeal shampoo, and baking soda. Aloe vera gel is commonly used for humans but what people don’t realize that it is great for animals as well. It is a natural soothing agent that can be used for numerous issues. Oatmeal also is great for chafing and also treats dermatitis, allergies, and fleas. Baking soda can be mixed with water and applied to the the coat for relief. Two teaspoons of olive oil can also be added food for help with skin erosion.

My Dog Has a RashCoconut oil is also a natural soother. It can cure dryness and soars. An owner can give his or her pet coconut oil soak weekly or massage the oil onto the infected area for a few hours. However, it can leave a greasy area; so after the soak or massage try washing him in baby shampoo to remove the excess oil.

Try to pin point what the causes of irritant are. If you suspect it may be environmental, try to see what changes have been made recently. Has your pooch started sleeping somewhere differently? Is he going places he has never been? Try to keep him out of areas that trigger these reactions. If you suspect it could be his diet, try changing the food for awhile to see if you notice any discrepancies.

Give your buddy a bath weekly using medicated shampoo and conditioner to help remove any parasites that may be on the coat. This can also be used as a preventive measure to keep away chafing before it occurs.

If you can not figure out the cause of the canine skin rash, you may need to take him to the vet so he can pin point the exact cause and give proper treatment.